Welcome to our new Website!

We have spent a huge amount of time developing a much more modern and better integrated website which gives you a much better experience. So whether you are a business or home user you can now:

  • Check to see if you are within our network see postcode checker
  • Order our full service online (starting with a check to see if we can connect to you)
  • Resolve queries quickly via our knowledgebase articles, or you can send a query ticket to us
  • Start up a project in your village if you are in an area where our network does not yet cover
  • Learn of any upcoming network upgrades
  • Track progress on your village project
  • Learn of new projects that we are developing
  • Manage your account, upgrade your account, buy extra equipment to continually improve your broadband experience
  • Learn about why we can deliver a network to you, in areas where no one else can

We would love to receive any feedback you may have on our new website so please feedback via the contact page