What does the connection look like on my premises?

Each Customer that subscribes to County Broadband’s service will have an aerial fitted to the top of their property. This brings the signal into the building via a cable, this is connected either straight to a computer for a single use system or to a wireless router enabling multiple devices to be connected to the internet wirelessly. We use the areal / antenna that is best placed to provide a good signal to maximise broadband performance., this ranges from a small rectangular receiver (164x199mm) to white dish that is a a maximum of 0.3m.

Typical rooftop aerial

Typical rooftop aerial

Accessing broadband in your home

Once the aerial has been fitted to your house we run a cable from the aerial into your house. This cable carries the broadband signal from the aerial to your computers, and also carries power back up to the aerial so the aerial can receive the signal. The power comes from a small adapter (which we supply) and it can be plugged in anywhere – it does not need to be near the roof.

How your Computers connect to the internet

In order for you to connect multiple computers and other devices such as tablets, smartphones, TVs and laptops wirelessly you will need a Wireless router.

Unfortunately ADSL routers provided by any previous telephone network providers are not compatible with our service as we need a cable router. We can provide one of these which we will pre configure so that it works straight out of the box ( at a cost of £49), alternatively you can source one yourself but you will need for you to configure it yourself so that it can talk to the County Broadband network – we will happily provide instructions on the settings you will need for this to work.

We can also supply a more advanced router which offers improved processing capability for online gaming, as well as improved WiFi inside your property

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