What is a Community Access Point (CAP)?

cap-on-houseIn order to ensure our signal can reach as much of the community as possible we use customers as relay points to help transmit our signal onwards throughout the village. These are called ‘Community Access Points’ (CAPs) where we install a transmitter aerial as well as a receiver aerial, so they can relay the network onto the other areas across the village. The CAPS aerial array is small and discreet as shown in the photo.

These CAPs can be installed on Churches, Village Halls, farm buildings, and more frequently houses, and they form an extremely important section of the overall village network.

Any premises can apply to become a Community Access Point, and in return for being a successful CAP we will offer free installation and the Home Standard Tariff service whilst the CAP agreement (5 years) is in place, with our thanks. All we require in return is a permanent supply of electricity to the transmitter (which draws about the same charge as a 60W lightbulb) and access to the aerial for our engineers in the unlikely event of a malfunction. We even install a discreet battery box to provide emergency power to the aerials in case of a power cut.

If you would like to apply to host a Community Access Point, you can register online, here.
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