Wholesale and Resale Services for other Service Providers

Our high speed wireless services are also available to other service providers who wish to connect to residential or business properties within our core network area across Essex and Suffolk.

We have developed a range of Wholesale & Reseller services designed to support:

  • Internet Service Providers
  • Network and IT Support Companies
  • Aerial Installation Engineers


At present we are able to connect your clients on a resale basis. Our service management platform is able to allow a view of all your customers and we are able to offer a differential service level according to your business needs. The resale services are identical to our retail offer for Residential and Business users. However, if there is a different service that you wish to align more closely to your other services, please do let us know. You will receive one itemised bill for all your customers.


As a service provider you would need to interconnect with our network in our network node in London, but we will take care of getting your customers connected efficiently with the same level of service that we offer to our retail customers. Then you are able to add your own service wrap to and/or connect your customer to the internet. We will just supply you with one itemised bill for all your customers.

Come and talk to use and we will see if we can get your customers connected. Call us on 0845 686 5000, email info@countybroadband.co.uk, or complete the form below.

We look forward to talking with you.

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