Why Support a Community Network?

You know your business can benefit from faster broadband – but did you know that you can help the wider community, and gain even more?

Here are some of the practical reasons why your business should support a community broadband network.


A bespoke high-speed broadband connection can be prohibitively costly for a smaller business. A Community Broadband Project can deliver superfast broadband to your business AND the community – with reduced costs due to consolidating resources.


Socially responsible businesses, particularly Social Enterprises, are already aware of the huge benefits of investing in the community.

The bottom line is that social investment can help create a positive public image, improve staff morale, and open up funding opportunities.

Investing in a community broadband network gives immediate benefits to the community and investing companies, as well as long-term advantages thanks to the community having better access to services, education and home-working ability.

How Can My Business Help?

If there is demand for Community Broadband in your area, your support could be vital to its success – not least because access to funding is usually predicated by the need to demonstrate business, as well as domestic, benefits from better broadband services. If you are a small business in the community, a major employer, or part of a business park where a cluster of businesses may share the same issues, your support as an ‘anchor tenant’ to a Community Broadband Project could make all the difference!

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