Running a business from a rural location can be a challenge when it comes to broadband provision.

County Broadband delivers superfast broadband to rural areas quickly and effectively through an aerial network allowing your business to thrive and develop. With our service you are not reliant on existing underground infrastructure, nor on any future promised upgrades to achieve the superfast speeds that your business needs.

How our Business Broadband works…

We deliver high speed broadband via two key routes:

  • via our Community Networks
    Business traffic is separately routed through our network (so is not shared with residential customer traffic) and given a higher priority rating. You can view packages below and sign up online.
  • via a dedicated Private Network
    This provides an enterprise-level internet connection, with uncontended speeds and security. Details on request.

We can also provide internet based business telephony solutions which do not use fixed phone lines so you no longer have to pay BTs fixed monthly landline line rental charges. Please talk to us for more details.


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What does it Cost?

Packages and Tariffs:

NGA Pro Broadband

PackageData allowanceUploadDownload Monthly
NGA Pro 16 UnlimitedUnlimited
16 Mbps
16 Mbps
NGA Pro 24 UnlimitedUnlimited
24 Mbps
24 Mbps
NGA Pro 32 UnlimitedUnlimited
32 Mbps
32 Mbps
NGA Pro 4 Boost20 GB
4 Mbps
4 Mbps
NGA Pro 8 Boost50 GB
8 Mbps
8 Mbps
NGA Pro 12 Boost80 GB
12 Mbps
12 Mbps

The advertised speeds are not guaranteed but represent the speeds that should be achieved outside of busy periods.
County Broadband also apply limited traffic management policies on tariffs below 30Mbps to ensure the smooth running for all our customers. More detail can be found on our service level page



  • Free Static IP address
  • Includes supply and fitment of external discreet antenna
  • Professional grade connection to your computer
  • Service Speed confirmation on installation.
  • Demonstration to customer of how it works
  • Fully inclusive installation with no extra costs
  • Full integration with your existing network
  • Free replacement antenna should anything fail in the future!
  • One-off installation charge of £249 + VAT

Benefits of the Business Package:

  • Free Static IP address
  • Lower contention ratio
  • Premium support
    • Faster call out time
    • Priority rating over domestic customers
    • Higher traffic priority
  • Reverse DNS enabling you to run your own server
  • Internet telephony option.


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