BBC Radio 4 ‘Today’ on Rural Broadband

Dr Peter Cochrane discusses the long-term costs of the UK’s copper cable phone network.

From the program running order for 19/08/2015:

On Monday’s programme we spoke to the Chief Executive of BT Openreach about broadband speed across the UK. BT Openreach has been criticised for the amount of time it is taking to provide the service to some urban areas, while some rural communities complain they are getting much lower speeds and sometimes no coverage at all. Dr Peter Cochrane is former Chief Technology Officer at BT.


Selected Highlights

“In my village, we could not get optical fibre, we could not get bandwidth, and so I have put a wireless system into my own village, with a local company, using the church tower as a central node. So we have a mediaeval church tower that is doling out broadband to the houses in the village.”

“Could wireless be the answer then, for all of us?”

“It’s a partial answer. My point is, that the telephone company, or the network company, laying the optical fibre absolutely to every home is not necessarily the case. … For instance, my village is surrounded by optical fibre. I went to BT, I went to the railway company, and no one would allow me to have access… It’s only 200 metres… we had to do it another way.”

The local company that Peter used was County Broadband. If you would like to explore whether we can help bring a wireless broadband solution to your village, like Peter Cochrane did, please click here.