We have received huge support for this project from the Diocese of Chelmsford.

The Diocese is looking at ways to enhance the church’s position as the heart of the community.

Their vision has chimed so perfectly with our Vision that the Diocese of Chelmsford has now invested in County Broadband. Michael Minta (Development Director for the Diocese of Chelmsford) comments on the joint venture:

“This presents the Church with an opportunity to further serve our rural communities, to foster inclusion by helping people feel part of the wider community, while at the same time helping rural communities become more sustainable.”

This relationship was further acknowledged by a the publication of a white paper ‘Broadband – A role for the Church’ by Rev. Dr Julie Nelson (Rural Officer for the Diocese of Chelmsford) which highlights the (sometimes) desperate need for broadband provision in rural communities to ensure the communities are not left behind in their economic and social progression, and how the Church should become involved in providing a solution.

The Ven. Annette Cooper (Archdeacon of Colchester) concludes:

“The Diocese of Chelmsford and the Churches within it want to see our local communities flourish because we know that this is what God wants for his people.

Our joint enterprise with County Broadband is seeking to support many people who would otherwise be excluded from some of the things that more urban folk take for granted.

It is also good to know that more churches are able to establish their own websites with lots of local information and to host hotspots for their local people. Partnerships in the community with parish councils and village halls are also being strengthened. It is good to seek to serve our rural communities together.”

We are also actively engaged with the Diocese of Ipswich and have many projects either completed or in the pipeline across Suffolk, and are always keen to talk to other churches and Deaneries who may be interested in working with us.