About County Broadband

County Broadband is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) with over ten years’ experience. We specialise in the provision of broadband networks and services into difficult to get to places – especially rural areas.

We offer one of the fastest rural broadband networks available in the country – often at speeds that are faster than many urban speeds, and you do not need a telephone line to connect to it!

Our Vision

County Broadband offers a community centric solution to broadband provision in the rural community. We ideally like to work as a partnership with parish councils, the local church, and the community as a whole to deliver superfast broadband to those areas which have up until this point been forgotten about.

Our overall vision therefore is to provide superfast broadband to all rural communities of East Anglia. We also provide free basic broadband access into partner communities, and can help the local church set up a community web page to help bring the community closer together.

We are always keen to work with new interested communities so if you are part of the Parish council, linked to the Church council, or are just a frustrated individual who wants a better service then please click here.